Custom Bond is a security product issued by Asuransi Wahana Tata in relation with customs’ special facilities for manufacturing industry, such as import duty postponement, additional import duty/duty free based on the Decree of Ministry of Finance and Regulation of Directorate General of Customs:

  1. No. 580/KMK.04/2003, Ease Import for Export Destination Product
  2. No. 140/PMK.04/2007, Temporary Import or Article 23 (9OB 23) Customs Ordinance
  3. No. 160/PMK.04/2007, Advance Release Permit for Goods which are waiting for Document (Vooruitslag)
  4. No. 291/KMK.05/1997, Bonded Zone
  5. No. 65/PMK.04/2007, Employer of Customs Service Arrangement
  6. No. 51/PMK.04/2008, Stipulation Letter of Customs Rate
  7. No. 90/PMK.04/2007, Haul up of Export and Import Goods
  8. No. 70/PMK.04/2007, Temporary Storage
  9. No. 118/KMK04/2004, Non-Tax State Revenue
  10. Regulation of Directorate General of Customs No. P-05/BC/2006 concerning Deposit Service Company


The Advantages of Custom Bond:

  1. Does not require any security as long as the financial and
  2. Documentation requirements have been fulfilled.
  3. Low service cost.

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