Property insurance for dwelling house & apartment

General requirements

  1. For building consruction class 1 (walls, floor and all structural support components including the roof which all made from materials that are not flammable).
  2. Maximum total sum insured of Rp 5 billion.
  3. Located in the territory of Republic of Indonesia




  1. FLEXAS: Protection against the risk of fire, lightning, explotion, falling of aircraft, and smoke
  2. RSMD CC 4.1B/ 007: Protection against riot, strike, malicious damage, and civil commotion
  3. Burglary: Protection against any burglary which were accompanied by any signs of forced entry to movable items (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) at the location
  4. Protection against any damage caused by any unforeseen events


Additional benefits

  1. Cost of temporary accomodations
  2. Public liability
  3. Personal accidents which resulting to the death of the insured/spouse/children (in the location of the insured)
  4. Medical expenses due to the accident in the location for the insured/spouse/children
  5. Medical expenses due to the accident for the family member of the insured and guest


Additional coverage (with additional premium)

  1. EQVET: Protection against earthquake, volcanic eruption, and tsunami (vaild for special regions)
  2. TSFWD: Protection against typhoon, storm, flood, and water damage (valid for special regions)


Asuransi Wahana Tata Fire Insurance (Asuransi kebakaran) is the right choice when you need protection for your assets in the form of buildings and its contents, against any accidents that can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.






  • Fire.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Explosion due to pressure of steam, gas or chemical explosions.
  • Impact of Aircraft or objects falling from aircraft.

Property insurance from Aswata is the right choice to protect your buildings and properties. Please contact our nearest office for Other Property Insurance.



Sum Insured is the value of the property that you are insured, and you are entitled to fully determine the amount.

How to determine the Sum Insured

  • The calculation of sound insured value is the "present value" of the insured property, not the market value relating to the location, uniqueness or artistic value. The value of land is not calculated to determine the sum insured of a property.
  • Propose a Sum Insured as close as possible to the "sound value" of the property you want insured. If the Sum Insured is less than "sound value" you are in a state of "underinsured" which would reduce the amount of the claim settlement. However, if the Sum Insured is higher, you are in a state of "overinsured" that would not increase the claim settlement amount.
  • You can apply for Sum Insured on the basis of "Reinstatement Value" of the insured property by special terms and conditions.  You may ask for an explanation from our officers on the conditions.



Total premiums charged to you is the multiplication of:

  • Fire Insurance Premium Rates in scale PER MIL (per thousand), which is determined by the area / type of risk that the desired and characteristics use of the property covered by insurance.



  • Owner
  • Creditors (eg, Banks, Finance Companies / Leasing)
  • Others  who have the right of / authorization or a property based on contract or law (eg tenant, authority the owner)


  • Asuransi Wahana Tata currently has 70 branches and representative offices throughout Indonesia which allows us to reach you faster and serve your insurance claims closer.
  • Website facility that enables you to have your insurance plan at any time and any place
  • Credit Card payment facility.


All of the above are general description; information in details shall be written as the terms and conditions in the policy


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