1. Responsibilities

    • Drafting (design) company management changes (change management), aligning with the millennial trends, on the business models, operational models, business process model & organization, and platform system/information technology

    • Analyze the potential efficiency of process on business simple portfolio risk

    • The preparation of the design and implementation of simultaneous cross-business simple portfolio risk and complex risk

    • Implementation in roll-out

  2. General Requirement :

    1. Team Player

    2. Self – initiative person

    3. Have the perspective/thinking about business in the era of the millennial (innovative)

    4. Able to operate MS Office

    5. Have the experience or understanding of business processes, organizational development

    6. Can use Visio, MS Project.

    7. Having worked in the field of Change Management


PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata

Kantor Pusat
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e-mail : aswata@aswata.co.id
website: http://www.aswata.co.id
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