Marine Cargo Insurance is an insurance product which provides protection to cargo which is transported via road, sea or air. 

The freight insurance is intended for the cargo owner, either individual, institution or company, who needs protection for their cargo. Either the freight is performed by using their own vehicle or by using freight service company.



  • Institute Cargo Clause A (ICC A)
    Cover all loss except the risks that are “excluded”, including General Average and Salvage costs, and liability on Both to Blame Collision.
  • Institute Cargo Clause B (ICC B),
    Cover risks of fire, explosion, aground, sinking, stranded, flip over, collision, demolition, earthquake, volcano eruption, lightning strike, rescue action, influx of seawater, total loss per packing, general average and salvage costs, liability on Both to Blame Collision.
  • Institute Cargo Clause C (ICC C),
    Cover risks of fire, aground, sinking, stranded, flip over, collision with other object, demolition, general average, and salvage costs, liability Both to Blame Collision.


Selection of Additional Insurance (optional) such as:

  • Institute Strike Clause
    Insurance against any risks of strike, deterrence work/worker, labor disturbance, riot, civil insurrection, terrorism, political action, general average and salvage costs.
  • Institute War Clause
    Insurance against any risks of war, civil war, rebellion, violent act from and or against the authority, arrest, takeover, detention related to the abovementioned risks, mine, torpedo, bomb or lagged war weapons, general average and salvage costs for the loss caused by the abovementioned risks. SUM INSUREDSum insured is the Value of every insured asset based on the Invoice and or market price..


Sum insured composition:

  • Cost/Price
  • Freight cost 
  • Insurance premium (optional).
  • Profit estimation (optional – generally 10% of the Price).



Total Premium that will be charged to you is the multiplication result of: 

  • Freight Insurance Premium tariff shall be determined by scope/type of risks selected and natural use of the insured asset. 



  • Currently there are 70 Asuransi Wahana Tata’s networks located in many big cities, which enable us to reach and serve you faster for insurance coverage up to handling claim. 
  • Unlimited access to our website which ease you to query about the quote for your insurance plan. 
  • Premium payment facility by using Credit Card and Virtual Account.


For more information please contact our nearest Branch/Marketing Office.

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